Unlike any other case packer in the paper packaging industry, the ACCU-PACK 6000  automatic case packer cases wrapped reams of paper, and bulk sheets of paper, all in one machine! The Accu-Pack 6000 is also capable of producing a two-piece box style or a one-piece clam shell style box. To change from one style box to another is as simple a push of a button. Contact us for details.

Case Size Range

  • Length: 279mm to 520mm
  • Width: 210mm to 365mm
  • Height: 100mm to 410mm

Production Speed

  • 20 cases per minute on letter/A4


  • 12 axis of servo controlled motion (Allen-Bradley standard, other available upon request).

Case Packer Options

  • Side infeed or straight thru infeed
  • Semi-automatic size change
  • One-piece clam shell style box
  • Bulk sheet case packing